Birch Road Phase 2 Improvements

The Mountain Park-Robin Hill Rural Road Service Area (RRSA) in coordination with the Municipality of Anchorage Public Works Administration (MOA PWA) is studying possible improvements to Birch Road between Beverly Drive and Kalgin Drive (see map below for project limits).

Project Update: The Draft Preliminary (65%) Design was submitted to the MOA for review in November 2022. The RRSA is seeking funding to advance the project to final design and construction. It’s unknown when funds will become available. The project is currently on hold until funds are secured. Once the project starts back up again, the public will be notified of the project schedule so that everyone can provide their input and understand when construction will be scheduled.

Improvements being considered include:

  • New road foundation and paved surface
  • Modified roadway alignment
  • New drainage ditches and culverts
  • Reconstructed paved pathway

MOA PWA has contracted with CRW Engineering Group, Inc. (CRW) to provide engineering and design services.

Purpose of improvements include:

  • Better road conditions and driver safety.  This section of Birch Road is narrow, lacks drainage facilities, and has consistent potholes.  Drivers swerving to miss potholes are often not in their lane. 
  • Improved connector for emergency access/egress and general traffic flow.  Neighborhood traffic would flow more smoothly out Birch Road to Huffman Road and DeArmoun Road.  Improving this section of Birch Road will significantly enhance the ability of emergency vehicles to reach destinations in the neighborhood and also facilitate egress in case of a Hillside wildfire.
  • Drainage improvements.  The lack of adequate drainage facilities leads to a deteriorated roadway and ongoing maintenance. A better method is needed to handle surface water flow.
  • Snow management.  There is nowhere to store the snow off the road along this section of Birch Road.  The result is that the road narrows substantially in winter, often to the point where it becomes single-lane traffic.
  • Pathway connectivity and safety improvements.  The pathway along this section of Birch Road has a deteriorated surface along with difficult road crossings that have inadequate sight distances.  Re-aligning and reconstructing the pathway would enhance non-motorized uses and safety.

How to get involved:

  • Attend a public open house meeting.
  • Sign up for e-mail updates by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
  • While the project is on hold, please contact the RRSA Board Chair with comments or questions at

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Project Schedule


No meetings scheduled at this time.

APRIL 2022 – Virtual Open House #1
Wed., April 13, 2022 (5:30-7:00 PM)

Mt. Park-Robin Hill RRSA Presentation
Design Team Presentation
Open House #1 Meeting Recording
Meeting Summary

Map of the Project Area